Frequently Asked Question

How long does CitySolve U last?

CitySolve U offers three different ways of experiencing our incredible event: Virtual, Socially Distant, Live.


100% online. Played on a computer using Google Maps.

Socially Distant

In-person. Waterfall start meaning that one team begins the experience at a time. Social distancing required.


In-person. All teams begin at the same time. Not recommended during the pandemic.

What are the differences between the CitySolve U’s Virtual, Socially Distant, Live events?

Aside from being virtual, socially distant, or non-socially distant, the main difference is time and the number of staff required to run the experience.


Timeframe: 24-72 hours
Staffing: One person to send out the email containing the clue sheet and other materials or one person to distribute the clue sheet and other materials at an office.

Socially Distant

Timeframe: 6 hours.
Staffing: Varies. Can be done with a few as 2-3 staff.


Timeframe: 3 hours.
Staffing: Varies. CitySolve U recommends at least 6 staff.

Can the experienced be customized?

100%, yes! Your organization may select all 10 locations and can choose the start and end of the experience too. Choosing a start and end location is only applicable to some Socially Distant and all Live events.

How much lead-time does CitySolve U need?

The average lead-time is 45 days. Anything less than 21 days advance notice will be subject to a rush fee.

What is the price for a CitySolve U event?

Contact Melissa Beer today for a quote. You can reach Melissa at

How many people can participate in CitySolve U?

We can create a dynamic experience for as few as 20 people to as many as 1,000. Most CitySolve U experiences are between 100-250.

Where does CitySolve U take place?

CitySolve U can take place on-campus, off-campus, or both. Your organization decides where the experience goes.

Are prizes provided?

It’s up to each organization to decide what the prizes are. CitySolve U can provide great suggestions.

How do I get the 10 locations to CitySolve U?

CitySolve U will invite you to Google Maps. Once your organization has the Google Map you will place 10 pins on the map. CitySolve U will also email you a video showing your organization the most efficient and effective way to use Google Maps for the CitySolve U experience.